Who Knew Eggnog Is Italian? Serve "Aunt Rose's Homemade Eggnog" with Your Christmas Cookies


Jeffrey K. Brunner, Boyertown Area Senior High Director of Choirs and class of 2001 alum, has always loved his family's tradition of making their own Eggnog. Here he shares the "secret" family recipe from his Aunt Rose, and  a recent travel story about Italy that describes the origins and history of Eggnog.

The story explains "one of Italy's longest-standing culinary rivalries – one that dates beyond the founding of the country itself, and weaves into its history a fake 19th-Century chef, the Austrian Imperial court and the frostbitten soldiers of World War One." The article continues on to share that "recipes for Italian-style eggnog – a mixture of eggs, sugar and fortified wine – date back as far as 1533, when it was served ice cold in the court of Catherine de' Medici." 

Eggnog on ice? Fortified wine? Not quite what you have in mind when you visit Longacre's Dairy for the deliciously made local product. But if you are interested in learning more about "the real deal," just click here to read about it.  

Having read the article and learned about the Italian roots of Eggnog, Jeff says, "No wonder Aunt Rose's is the best."

You might want to adopt the tradition of making your own with a little help from Aunt Rose! 

Aunt Rose's Homemade Eggnog

12 egg yolks

1 cup of sugar

beat together

add 1 quart of 2% milk

2 cups of whiskey - I like Tullamore Dew

refrigerate until needed

beat 1 quart heavy cream to stiff peaks

Pour Whisky/Egg Mixture into punch bowl 

Add whipped cream to the top

pinch of nutmeg

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