"I AM: Proud": Episode Notes of "B Inspired" Podcast Available in Print


Cover design by Susan Biebuyck

by Jane Stahl

An introduction: 

“Hi! I’m Jane Stahl—retired high school English teacher and Director of Community Relations at Studio B Fine Art Gallery in Boyertown, Pennsylvania--and this is the 'B Inspired' podcast.

"My guests and I hope that in the few minutes you spend with us you’ll be surprised and delighted to meet someone new, become aware of projects going on in your neighborhood, and maybe entertain a new way to look at the world! We all need to keep our spirits up in these challenging times, and I can’t think of a better way to lift up our spirits than to meet interesting, passionate folks and learn about what they’re doing to make life better for all of us!

"So, join me now for the B-Inspired podcast.”

These are the words that subscribers to “B Inspired” have heard each week over 4 ½ years to introduce a new episode, words that define the mission of the podcast.

It’s been my life’s work to celebrate the talents and efforts of those I’ve served in the classroom and in the greater learning community. I love learning about the lives and passions of others along with their struggles and their life’s choices. 

I love to talk. Teaching filled that niche for 35 years. Then, the Bear Fever public art project and Studio B Art Gallery have provided additional ways over the last 20 years to learn about others and share the skills and talents of many business owners, community members, artists, and writers through assorted media.

But as the opportunity to reach a larger audience has become available through social media and technology, I asked my friend Bill Vitiello to help me develop an audio podcast. And so, just several weeks before COVID shut down the world, “B Inspired” dropped its first few episodes, and I began grabbing anyone and everyone willing to have a “casual conversation” with me. Friends and relatives were some of my first guests on the podcast; artists and writers soon followed, and I’ve been on a quest to add members of the community to the catalogue to highlight the many interesting, successful people who live and work in this “special kind of place.”

I am proud of many things I've done over the course of my life. In reflecting on the core of most of them, I realize is a desire to uplift the people I meet who give their time and talents in so many diverse ways to make life better for themselves and their communities. Putting a spotlight on these folks--to acknowledge their contributions and to thank them--is at the heart of my efforts and the "B Inspired" podcast. 

However, not everyone listens to podcasts; and so, eager to introduce the folks who have inspired me, as part of the "I AM: Proud" project, there are now printed versions of the episode notes--highlighting what I found most intriguing in our conversations. The booklets are available for a donation at Studio B Art Gallery and Building a Better Boyertown office. The Boyertown Community Library has a copy for view. 

And, as part of the "I AM: Proud" project, articles featuring my guests that were written from our podcast conversations, have been feature articles in The Boyertown Area Expression over the past two years, and some that have not yet appeared will be published over the next few months.

I think you'll be proud to know more about the members of our community, and I know you'll be inspired by them, too! 

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