"B Inspired" Meets Tattoo Hunter, Pastor Dave Bitler


by Jane Stahl

"B Inspired" podcast was intrigued by the interest Pastor Dave Bitler of St. John Hill shows when he asks, “Does Your Tattoo Have a Story?”

After asking, he listens carefully to folks eager to tell the secrets of their soul. “Stories are important,” he offers; “it’s where lives intersect with Jesus. And that’s the point of evangelism—giving meaning to communion.” Approaching people who are often shunned because of their body art has changed Dave's ministry--from "telling" to listening.

His own story features unscripted paths from a dream of becoming a music teacher to a degree in business and computer and employment as an IT guy developing internet systems for companies to (finally, his friends tell him) entering the seminary. And an out-of-the-blue phone call inviting him to join a fellow pastor to hunt tattoo stories has led to his unique form of evangelism.

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