Be Informed: Boyertown School Board Candidates Share Views and Concerns on Yergz Radio


by Jane Stahl

I just had a call from a friend asking for voting help for the election on November 7, 2023. Wanting to provide information, I suggested she listen to the candidates themselves in interviews recorded by Boyertown High School graduate Ross Yerger (Yergz) who now lives in Tampa, is retired from a 21-year career in the Secret Service, and has developed his own radio station.

Hoping to provide information from both sides, Ross invited school board candidates to talk to him about their views and concerns and their experience that would be valuable in serving the community by keeping Boyertown schools strong, Boyertown students well-educated, the property values solid. Candidates supported by the Boyertown Forward PAC and an independent candidate responded to his invitation. 

His interviews are available on Find the block labeled "Boyertown School Board Candidates." Click where indicated to get to podcast platforms hosting his podcast "Up The Middle." You'll find episodes titled "BASD School Board Matt Hook," a candidate in Region 3;  "Boyertown School Board Candidates pt 1: Brad Updegrove (Region 3) and Joe Piccione (Region 2)." 

I've listened to several of these interviews and have read responses school board candidates have provided to the Reading Eagle. Their career experiences are varied and impressive. They provide down-to-earth, practical, yet informed opinions on issues that challenge the modern world. Public education is a foundational aspect of our democracy. It is challenged today, and requires public servants with critical thinking skills and a sincere desire to solve problems cooperatively and avoid divisiveness. 

Recorded Nov 2: Krista Arndt (Region 1). Coming soon: Michelle Sweisfort (Region 1), Lisa Hogan (Region 2) and a candidate not affiliated with Boyertown Forward Jessica Skelton.  There are a few additional episodes: "Bonus! Boyertown Forward Chair Donna Usavage"; and an episode titled "Moms for Liberty"--a national, far-right, extremist group with views supported by some of the incumbent candidates running for re-election, a group Ross has labeled "fascist."

The Boyertown Area Expression
has published articles about the six candidates supported by Boyertown Forward in recent weeks. Episodes of "B Inspired" podcast featuring conversations with the candidates are available on your favorite podcast platform to help to inform your vote. 

We hope you'll participate in USA's treasured democratic system by voting on Tuesday and encouraging--maybe even bringing--friends and neighbors with you to do the same. Your school district and your community, your state and your country are depending on your participation. 

Please VOTE on Tuesday! 

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