I Am Thankful for ...


by Lesley Misko

Inspired by today’s story, Simplest Act of Kindness Can Change Someone's Life, I want to express my appreciation for the following acts of kindness done for me by others. 

I get extremely frightened of all medical things and my husband used to be my cheerleader and hand-holder. Without him, I feel even more frightened.  As a result, when I was told I had to have a tooth pulled because it was cracked, I was terrified.  

A huge thank you to Boyertown’s now retired oral surgeon, Dr. Jack Lignelli, for taking the time and caring enough to talk to me about the surgery and what to expect. He explained the entire process and listened to me. Above all, he assured me that I could live through it … and I did. Dr. Lignelli, you were the epitome of graciousness in understanding my fears and calming them.

Also, thank you for handing me over to the wonderfully competent hands of Dr. John Lignelli at Pottstown/Boyertown Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He clearly shares his dad’s qualities of being adept at his work and having a kind heart. The tooth’s condition and location were challenging, but everything went smoothly without complications. You were also kind and patient with my fears, and wonderful about answering questions.

And much appreciation to Boyertown’s Linda Moser who works the front desk for the oral surgery practice. You were efficient and accommodating at scheduling everything without any stress, and you were kind and patient with my nervousness too. I also think I recall you mentioning that you were a Boyertown Area Senior High student around the time right before my husband and I got married. It made me feel as though you are practically family, and it was so reassuring.

Linda Egolf, another Boyertown grad, huge thanks to you too! Aware of my nervousness from my prior consultation visit, just before the anesthesia knocked me out, I remember that you came to my side, grabbed me hand, and said you were there to be my “hand-holder.” That was such a warm, caring thing to do. It helped to make me comfortable.

Finally, endless appreciation and love to Tom and MaryAnn Blocher who deal so frequently and patiently with my neurotic fears and persistent worries, and this tooth adventure was no exception!  

Do you have someone you would like to thank? We would love to share your thank you! Email them to 

Leslemisko@aol.com --or--  Janeestahl@comcast.net

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