March 9, 2024: Things We "Heard" and Would Like To Share ...


by Lesley Misko

Has Anyone Seen the Emu?

Last year it was Ollie the Barn Owl; this year it is Eddie the Emu. Keeping it real, we don't really know that his name is Eddie... or whether he has a name. 

Named or not, over the past 48 hours, local residents have posted Emu sightings and concerns about the Emu's well-being on Facebook. 

Posting on the Boyertown, Gilbertsville, PA page, Steven Rawls inquired, "Anyone know what the deal was with the Emu running around Middle School West on Monday afternoon?" On the same Facebook page, Courtney Crable asked, "Looking for the owners of a lost Emu in the area. This guy just paid me a visit. If you know who he may belong to please let me know!" 

Photo: Courtney Crable on Facebook.

A couple of days earlier, Jody Dolansky expressed frustration-- "Why does Boyertown have a runaway emu situation like once a year???? Who has all these emus? And why are they so hard to control?-- and concern-- " Also the one my mom saw Monday is still at large so proceed with caution." On the Douglass Township Montgomery Co. Residents page of Facebook, Alley Heist had a sighting several weeks ago, and commented, "Anyone know the story with this Emu? He was on Middle Creek Rd. I'm curious whether he is wild or lost?" 

Photo: Alley Heist on Facebook.

Our neighbors in Pottstown also expressed concern: In the  Facebook group Pottstown Area Families, Kayla Shuttleworth posted, "Anybody know about the whereabouts/what happened to the emu that was loose on 100 close to Boyertown? I passed it through traffic as I was driving towards upland square."  

Over the last 24 or so hours, lively discussion on the Pottstown Area Families page continued to update readers about the status of the EMU. Kelly Mancheski Buchmann shared, "It got loose from its home in Boyertown and the owners are away." "I heard they did get it, but not 100% sure, " added Amy Karkoska Murphy, while Jill Victoria said, "Happens every year." 

Mandy George Neiman described, "I saw a video where someone roped it," and Marisa Ashlee confirmed the owners are away but "a lady from a sanctuary came to get it until the owner gets back."  

Photo: Becky Alessi on Facebook.

And of course, someone had to do it, so Brian Seplow said the inevitable: "I think he was advertising for Liberty Mutual Car Insurance." 

 The adventure of the Emu reminds us of two things about Boyertown and the surrounding area. Despite all the growth and change, Boyertown retains some of its rural, uh, um, charm, and many people are caring. We wish Eddie the Emu a calmer life going forward.

BASH Performance of "Hunchback of Notre Dame" Hailed by Community

Click above to play the video. You may have to watch a brief commercial first; this cannot be helped as it is a feature of the "Youtube" platform.

These clips were from the March 1st, 2024 performance. The musical was directed by John Hazel and vocal & instrumental music was directed was Jeffrey Brunner. Appreciation to Mr. William Cherkasky and the Boyertown High School History Facebook page for sharing the video.

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