Philosophizing About Food With Francine: Take Time To Include Thyme


by Francine Black

It’s “thyme” for soup! 

There’s English thyme, French thyme, winter thyme, variegated thyme etc!  I absolutely love its fresh flavor in much of my cooking, along with parsley, sage, rosemary and lavender. 

  Thyme, in particular has a fascinating history. Native to the Levant (eastern Mediterranean and Middle East geographical region), it came into use quite early in human history. The great Roman historian, Pliny, recounts its use as a cleansing agent, a medicine, a sweet balm to cleanse foul odors, and a potion to give one courage. 

As we know, ancient travelers carried all manner of spices and foods with them wherever they went and if Roman soldiers believed it gave them courage, we can be sure they carried it with them to their western conquests. 

How glad the housewives of France and England must have been to add this lovely herb to their gardens. 

You may recall it also made its way to a Simon and Garfunkel song!  

High in the mountains above Bally, where the dense groves of treetops seem to touch the sky, is Francine Black, Boyertown’s own version of chef Julia Child. Her daily activities reflect the things she most values: family and friends, music, and lovingly prepared food.

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