Local Residents Asking for Help for Boyertown's Ukrainian Sister City


Recently we published an update about Boyertown's "sister city" in Ukraine, Bohodukhiv, that was shared by retired Boyertown Area School District teacher, Linda Weinberger. In that article, Linda shared the "Starfish story." It goes like this:  

A gentle man was walking along a beach strewn with starfish. A young boy was picking them up one by one, and tossing them back into the sea. "Young man," said the older man, "there are so many. You can't ever save them all." 

And the boy replied, "Well, it matters to this one. . ." and he continued to help them, one by one.
You're STARFISH!! 

The children, men, women, parents, soldiers, oldsters, disabled. . .they know that we care. One by one they've received caring, kindness, small gifts, cards, chocolates. They know you care!

Linda asked her friends in Bohodukhiv what we can do to try to show them continued support. Here is her update.

by Linda Weinberger

March 13, 2024

Good morning, Starfish Friends. . .

Many thanks for the emails and messages you sent after our recent update. Bohodukhiv continues to be attacked and a recent bombing on Saturday, March 8 took out a children’s summer camp. An auto repair shop was also recently destroyed by a bomb. Vita reports hearing increased gunfire in the area as well as the screaming sounds overhead of missiles destined for other targets. With great trepidation she must go to Kyiv for a post-operative check-up. It’s a never-ending war zone of daily stress and fear.

Many of you asked “What can I do” to continue the support that we began two years ago. I proposed this question to Vita, and her response included needs for food, medicine, flashlights, and perhaps later, school supplies.

I asked Vita to investigate World Central Kitchen for food needs but they are not in her area.

So, one thing at a time, with FOOD being the top priority. The shipping company, MEEST, conveniently offers food parcels that are delivered right to a person’s home. You can look online to see the contents in the boxes. https://box4ukraine.com/. I believe the parcels come from Poland.

Vita has sent me eight addresses that include a family with a four year old child whose father was killed in the war(an adult and a child’s box sent), an orphaned young man living on his own, an elderly woman, and others in need. They’ve all received boxes, which miraculously arrive just a few days after sending the order.

Contents of an adult food box. To view a list of items go to www.box4ukraine.com.

Vita will continue to send addresses; the needs are unending. Our checking account is empty and I have faith that funds will flow into it. A church in Douglassville is readying to help thanks to Gayle Kramer. A Thrivent grant will help purchase flashlights thanks to Pam Ferraro. We will need funds to ship them.

An adult food box costs $85 and contains food for 14 days. A child’s box costs $49. Shipments by sea cost $1.39/lb plus $15 delivery charge. I would estimate flashlight shipping to be approx. $150-$200.

The people we’ve helped so far are Lubov, Valeriia, Voldomyr, Olena and her daughter, Eduardov, Andrei, Oksana, Nadiia.

If you are able and feel inclined to help out a family, you can send a Venmo donation of any amount to me at Linda-Weinberger-1. Sometimes they ask

for the last four number of my phone number.. . . .5760

Checks are fine, too! I’ll be doing some traveling in the next few weeks so may not be able to cash your check immediately but will still be sending food boxes from afar!

Linda Weinberger

1270 Creekside Lane

Quakertown, PA. 18951

Thank you, dear Starfish. Together we'll help, one by one.

With love and thanks, Linda

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