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Studio B Offers Links to Purchase Anthologies of Poetry, Prose, and Art

Prompted by a patron's request, Studio B will be adding tab on their website for anyone interested in purchasing any of the 10 books of poetry, prose, and art that the studio has published since 2014. 

Layers of Language: Idioms and Favorite Expressions
, the 2015 edition, is currently only available through Studio B's website. The other nine can be purchased via Amazon or Lulu Press.  

Agony & Ecstasy: Reflections Inspired by Our Lives(2014)

Cover: Designed by Susan Biebuyck featuring artwork by Susan Biebuyck and Robert L. Williams

Layers of Language: Idioms and Favorite Expressions (2015)
Cover: Photo by Tami Dickson, cover design by Susan Biebuyck
(Order through Studio B Gallery by clicking on the DONATE button, with a note to include the title of this book and mailing address. Price is $25, which includes shipping to anywhere in the United States.)

To Be: Know Thyself, You Do You (2016)
Cover: Susan Biebuyck

Muse: The Inspirations of Our Lives (2017)
Cover: Artwork by Jim Meehan

Let's Rant! Challenges, Tempests, and Petty Annoyances (2018)
Cover: Suzanne Fellows

Wabi-sabi —Celebrating Simple Beauty (2019)
Cover: Susan Biebuyck

Superheroes: What the World Needs Now (2020)
Cover: Susan Biebuyck

My Favorite Things: Beauties Are Joys Forever (2021)
Cover: Artwork by Hilary Swingle, design by Susan Biebuyck

Transforming Moments: Finding Our Voice (2022)
Cover: Photo and cover design by Eileen “Mish” Murphy

Legacy: Remembrance Matters (2023)
Cover: Photo and cover design by Eileen “Mish” Murphy

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