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"Both Sides Now": We're getting there!

by Jane Stahl
Ross (Yergz) Yerger and I recorded episode #4 today. We had a great time a usual but want our audience to know that you'll find Part 1 (30 minutes or so) on Tuesday and Part II (30 minutes or so) on Friday. You'll find the "Both Sides Now" podcast on Amazon,Apple, Castbox, iHeart, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Pandora, AND on YouTube.

While we enjoy lengthy conversations with one another, we know that our audience may be OK listening in for 30 minutes but maybe not for 60!

This week's topic on sexuality was piqued last week by a comment Ross made AND by some feedback from one of our listeners. Our second topic was inspired by Cassidy Hutchinson--a young woman who demonstrated courage under pressure--and reminded me of the value of "literature as practice." 

We hope you'll join our conversation by providing some feedback! Our listening audience is exploding!

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